Published Work

Mens Workout Magazine June 2009 (print edition) pages 76 to 79
Model: Austin Brock

Mens Workout Magazine April 2009 (print edition) pages 26 to 30
Model: Jud Dean

World Physique Community Website
Promotional Flyer
Model: Michael DiGangi

Magazine: New Living
Issue: February 2009
Model: Anthony Catanzaro

Photographer: John Mitchell, BBPICS

Magazine: Planet Muscle
Issue: May 2008
Model: Brian M. Parks

 Photographer: John Mitchell, BBPICS


Real Gainz
Fitness Magazine
February 2008

(print edition)

Jeremy "Jmiah"

Real Gainz
Fitness Magazine
December 2007

(print edition
back inside cover)

See all Realgainz/BBPics publications at
Cedric Carvalho Interview

Brian Whitacre
Natural Muscle Magazine
October, 2005, page 48

I want to thank Anthony Catanzaro, Billy Snyman, Lucas Pantos and most
importantly C&C Training & Nutrition in East Haven, CT that made this
all possible.

Dean Correia

Natural Muscle Magazine
November, 2003, page 39

Jeff Cervero

Natural Muscle Magazine
October, 2003 page 41

Nutraceutics Pro HGH ad

The ad will run for one year commencing with these issues:
Muscular Development: April 2003 issue - page 89
Mens Workout: back cover of June 2003 issue; on sale March 11
Mens Fitness: April 2003 issue; on sale March 18
Muscle Media: April 2003 issue; on sale March 11

I like to thank James and Cynthia of Nutraceutics for giving me the opportunity to showcase my work of these fitness clients from my website as good representations of their product. This ad campaign will be running for the next year in such magazines as Muscle Media, Mens Fitness and Mens Workout (on the back cover). I will let you know what issues the ad will be commencing in these publications shortly. Please check out the rest of their product offerings at

In addition I would like to personally thank all the models in this ad: Dan Decker, Tim Clark, Mike Zens, Charlie Davis, David Frison, Adam Gockel and Joe Giovanniello. I enjoyed working with them and please check out their other images on my website.

Musclemag International - December 2002, pages 147 & 149

Page 147
Upper right hand photo

Page 149
Upper left hand photo

Joe Grima supplement ad: See the front and the back

I want to thank Dan Decker and Pam of Interactive Nutrition. This image of Dan appeared in the April-May, 2001 edition of Canadian Natural Health Retailer. I am proud they decided to use one of the images I took of Dan for their ad in that publication. Check out more pictures of Dan on and checkout the Interactive Nutrition site at

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