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Birthdate: January, 1992   
Height: 5' 9"  Weight: 205, off season 220
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Hi my name is Parrish, the way I got into fitness is through my high school football coach and my grandmother who was always working out. Therefore, I Pursued my passion for football in order to be better at the sport you had to lift extremely hard to get better on the field! My typical diet consists of red meat chicken fish and other lean poultry's as well as starchy fibrous carbohydrates that are low in calories   Especially when I'm cutting down body fat.


It was excellent working with John of I have a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology and nutrition and my workout consists of 2 full body workout routines where I do legs and back together and then another day when I do legs and chest! Lastly a finished a week off with 4 isolator days for strength training.

























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