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Birthdate: May, 1990   
Height: 5 8  Weight: 180 to 185, contest 177, off season 195
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 Location: Mansfield, CT


Time: August/September, 2019



Etienne Simon is from Haiti. Table games dealer at MGM Springfield Massachusetts Athlete and a father of a beautiful daughter. I started workout mid-June 2009 at my aunt basement with a bench dumbbell ez-bar. Growing up soccer was the main thing for me than mix martial art , I dreamed of bodybuilder when I first saw the terminator movie blood sport movie universal soldier , and it was a dream that I started to see very little possibilities that I could be a bodybuilder at my aunt basement with all magazines they had on those magazines Kai Green was my favorite and push me to accomplish that dream. I was probably 119lb or less when I started. I competed two years ago placed 2nd it was my first show still haven’t competed since but I’ve learned so much from those guys I was around coach and friends. I’m happy and proud to say I know how to eat and train without ego that lead the way on the pass. I’ve been eating 6 meals daily and train 4 days a week pretty hard core I like to give my body time to rest and grow. my training split loots like chest and triceps or chest and biceps , shoulder and abs legs , back and triceps or biceps if I train 5 days a week legs twice a week .And  now I’m even more proud to say I’m working with John of  doing a very good job so far I am here with BBpics Photography to be the big bad fitness model it’s a great experience I had with BBpics Photography 🙏🏾   




















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