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Birthdate: February, 1994  
Height: 6   Weight: 193, contest 174
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Location: Mansfield, CT

Time: August, 2018



My name is Jackson, I had always been the small skinny kid all my life. I always tried to fit in all throughout school but I was either bullied or got mixed up with the wrong crowds trying to be “cool”. It wasn’t until I graduated that I started the next chapter in my life; getting jobs that kept me busy, I figured that would occupy my time and keep me happy but after going that route for 2-3 years I realized that it could never truly make me happy... I ended up sending myself down a dangerous path, and was more miserable; never being home, binge drinking, smoking, eating horrible and just letting myself go completely. 


One day I just knew I was ready for a change, so I messaged my, soon to be coach, who I was following on Instagram. I told him I was ready to start my new and healthier lifestyle. With the job I had at the time (cross country semi-truck driving) keeping up my fitness and eating right wasn’t the easiest but I was determined; after almost a year I realized how happy I was with my new lifestyle and that I wanted to peruse a career in fitness. I left trucking, came home and started to body-build. I have competed in one show with the NPC, which I completed in 4th, and I am currently chasing the IFBB Pro-Stage. 

I have never felt happier and more accomplished since I had started this lifestyle; I take it day by day and I’m mentally, physically and emotionally stronger since I began my journey.


Working with John BBpics was a great experience! He worked with me on teaching me the ropes of posing and spending a day before doing the official shoot to walk me through on maneuvering the body to work best with the sun and shadows, etc. He is a very high-spirited photographer with great energy and always does his best to keep the environment positive, I would def recommend him to others looking to get a start in modeling or photography!










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